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Instant Facelift Serum

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Episilk Instant Facelift Serum (IFL) is a unique serum which contains a combination of Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and Pepha®-Tight for lessening the appearance of fine line wrinkles. (.5 and 1 ounce)

Keep It Simple

We believe in the shortest ingredient list possible. You don’t need the entire periodic table to be effective, and we work tirelessly to include only the necessities.

HA occurs naturally throughout the human body. This viscous gel is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature and the perfect moisturizer.

Lessen Lines & Wrinkles

Hyalogic’s Instant Facelift Serum combines ultra-hydrating, premium quality Hyaluronic Acid with Pepha®-Tight, a unique natural algae extract known for its ability to help skin appear firmer and more youthful.  This light, non-greasy formula helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Feel the revitalizing, refreshing and hydrating Instant Facelift Serum be absorbed by your skin, supporting a youthful glow!

Hyalogic® Instant Facelift Serum

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Hi Anne, Thank you for your inquiry! There are a few ways to find lip balm on the website: 1. Hover over Personal Care and you will see it listed in the left-most column toward the bottom under Featured Products. 2. Hover over Skin Care and you will see it in the middle column under Featured Products. 3. If you click on All Supplements, there is a search bar on the right side and you can type in "lip" or "lip balm" and the product will appear. Don't forget our Thanksgiving/Black Friday dale is going on right now. Use code THANKS20 and get 20% off + Free S&H, and a FREE lip balm stick with each order. Sale lasts through Sunday! We appreciate your business! Thanks Anne. Hyalogic Customer Care Team Trying to order HA lip balm stick, can’t find it?? I'm obsessed with this product and brought me to my new love of Hyaluronic acid! This amazing ingredient doesn't get enough attention at all. Once you apply this you instantly feel the tightness and I've never used a product that instantly works and you know it's working...LOVE LOVE LOVE I really love this product. I use it every day and I feel it moisturize my face and also provide a more glowing and younger appearance if that makes sense. People notice the difference since I have been using it. Very good product. I have had an acne divot on the tip of my nose for 20 years, it is great to finally find a product that with one application, will absorb into and then backfill that divot by plumping up the skin in the divot until it appears smooth on the surface. Among other benefits like reducing pore size and removing crows feet, this divot filling ability is what astounded me the most.
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