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Hyaflex™ Pro PURE Joint & Immune Liquid

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Hyaflex™ Pro PURE Canine Joint & Immune Liquid offers dogs of all sizes hyaluronic acid for their joint, cartilage and connective tissue support. It is perfect for dogs with high joint concerns.

Great for active show dogs, recovering dogs under physical stress, larger dogs and dogs over 7 years old. (8 oz bottle. 1-2 month supply depending on size of dog)

Hyaflex™ Pro PURE Canine Hip, Joint & Immune  Liquid Hyaluronic Acid + Zinc helps support your dog’s:

  • Healthy Hips, Joints & Cartilage
  • Healthy Skin and Eyes
  • Healthy Immune Function

Hyaluronic Acid exist naturally in living organisms.  Found inside the joint structure to provide healthy lubrication.

Zinc is an essential mineral that supports the immune function.

Help give your dog the joint and immune support they need and enjoy the difference with them!



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