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HA Facial Cream

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HA Facial Cream is a unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid and other moisturizing ingredients, formulated to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Restore & Replenish Your Skin

HA Facial Cream is a rich yet light, quenching facial cream and uses the powerful hydrating benefits of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to moisturize and support the skin. (2 ounces)

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Facial Relax Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. Part of the Hyalogic® skin care line.


I started using this product about a month ago. It has been a but of a surprise on several fronts. First it is not oily or greasy it has a nice texture to it tga is absorbed quickly into the skin. Secondly once it's on I can apply additional products on top of it tga also enhance my skin. The thing I like most is the tightness that I feel in my skin once it's absorbed. It's like a soft touchable skin texture and yet refreshed looking. It's worth trying if you would like great looking skin and a younger look. The last thing I really like us that a little of thus goes a long way. That makes it a great value. The HA Hydrating Cream is a new experience for me. I've been using it for a week and love it! Since I have normal skin and dry in certain spots, I use a lot of moisturizers (especially during the winter). First I'm applying the HA Hydrating cream and let it dry. Then, I'm using another moisturizer in the drier area. Last, I apply my makeup foundation. This past week I've been getting a few compliments on the glow of my face. I'm hooked and will keep ordering this product! A fantastic purchase. I have been using HA Facial Cream for a few months. I have always used a facial cream or lotion before applying my foundation. This HA facial cream goes on thicker than a lotion but absorbs into my skin very quickly. My foundation seems to look better because I have this hydrated base. I don't use cheap make-up so this is not the reason why my make-up looks better. It also lasts along time. It isn't greasy and does absorb quickly. When I run out, I will want more.
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