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We are excited about one of our new products the Vitamin C + Beauty Boost formula. It’s a powdered Vitamin C formula that we’ve created. As you guys know that Vitamin C when you put it into a liquid form or you add it to a skin serum or moisturizer, it can often oxidize. It’ll turn brown. It’ll get kind of brown. It can also become a yellowish color, and the smell can be odoriferous as well. Vitamin C is not very stable in a solution form. So we start thinking about it and looking at other possibilities. We were exploring the concept of producing Vitamin C in a powder form and allowing people to mix it in the palm of their hand. Could we do that and provide the kind of benefits that people want?

The answer to that question was, yes. We created a Vitamin C in a powder form and packaged it in a little bottle. We added Glutathione. If you know about Glutathione you know it has excellent antioxidant benefits. Then we added Pro-Vitamin B5, the panthenol. This is excellent for helping keep your skin healthy. We created our powder with Vitamin C, the Pro-Vitamin B5, and the Glutathione. To help you efficiently use the product, we provide a little scoop. You reach into the bottle with your scoop to extract the Vitamin C powder. Some people using our Vitamin C may only want to use a half of a scoop. Perhaps they have skin that is a little bit more sensitive. And Vitamin C can provide a bit of a sting to the skin or a slight irritation to sensitive skin. If this is the case, we recommend using a half of a scoop. Others may want to use two or three scoops. They may love drenching their skin with a lot of Vitamin C. So, we provide this little scoop with the Vitamin C powder.

To use the product, take the Vitamin C powder and put it in the palm of your hand. Next, apply a pump or two of your favorite skin serum to the Vitamin C in your hand. We like to use our Pure HA Skin Serum. Next, mix it into the palm of your hand with a clean finger. It blends it right in. It is combined when the white Vitamin C powder is no longer visible.

You now have a solution, with Vitamin C, which can be applied to your skin. The Vitamin C Beauty Boost is a powdered form that allows you to mix it with your serums in the palm of your hand daily.

Our feedback has been very positive. People love this Vitamin C powder because it’s a unique concept. You can use our skin serums with this Vitamin C, or you can use one of your other favorite skin serums. You can do that because it’s very compatible with all serums, lotions, and moisturizers. Of course, we tend to think that it works well with Hyalogic’s Pure HA Skin Serum.

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This is an edited transcription of a video training on how to use our Vitamin C powder by Darren Landis. Our Vitamin C Beauty Boost Powder is now available. 

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