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Hyaluronic Acid (HA): It’s not what you swallow, it’s what you absorb!
September 30th, 2010 -

The goal is to get enough of the right kind of Hyaluronic Acid into your body to really make a difference to your connective tissue health.  Of course it’s important to use Bio-Identical (High Molecular Weight HA) since that’s what the body needs for many of its anti-inflammatory functions.  But let’s put first things first.  What forms of HA make it into the body best?

It’s so easy to lose sight of why we take most supplements, including HA.  Many of us scour the Supplement Facts Panel to see how much HA is in each serving to see which is the most powerful or which one is the best buy.  The problem with this approach is confusing the amount of HA in the capsule, pill, liquid or lozenge with the amount of HA that actually enters the body.  Something enters the body, not when you swallow it, but when it gets into the bloodstream.  Most of the so-called CD44 receptors that pull HA into the body are in the oral cavity and the throat.  This presents a problem to capsule and tablets because they don’t even begin to release their HA payload until they dissolve in the stomach and intestine.  Only lozenges and liquids can bathe the CD44 receptors with pure HA for maximal absorption.  If you use a liquid you’d be better off not diluting it with water, but placing it between your cheek and gums to let it reach the CD44 receptors more efficiently.  With the new lozenges you don’t need to chew them, just let them dissolve naturally.

Many who believe in HA bring up how well race horses, dogs and cats do with HA.  Remember, animals have no placebo effect.  They don’t know what the HA is supposed to do for them or even that they are ingesting HA.  But here’s something else to think about.  Looking at the major companies that provide HA for animal use, one is a liquid, one is a gel and one is in alfalfa based chewable tablets.  What is the common denominator?  They all would activate the CD44 receptors in the throat.

In the same way, 3 to 10 mg of liquid or lozenge HA can deliver more HA into the body tissues than possibly even 20 to 50 mg of the capsule or pill form since they use the body’s own delivery system to maximize results.

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