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HyaFlex for Cats press release
January 3rd, 2011 -


NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Kansas City, Kansas; today Hyalogic released its feline joint product HyaFlex for cats. With so much focus on human,dog and even equine joint issues, according to Darren Landis, one of the founders of Hyalogic, “cats are often forgotten when it comes to joint health.” But despite their agility, cats have joint problems too. Placing an emphasis on healthy joint function early on allow them to benefit greatly from such precautions. Hyalogic has engineered its patented and hugely successful human and equine joint products for cats. Based on the miracle of hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan,this important carbohydrate is found in every tissue of the body, particularly in areas that endure increased movement and friction; making it an essential lubricant of healthy joints, skin and eyes.

As HA content in the body decreases with age, a noticeable loss of visco-elasticity in tissue manifests itself in the form of loose skin and wrinkles. Further, improper amounts of hyaluronic acid may inhibit the ability to move freely as a result. HA has been found to assist in regulation of cell turnover in the skin and serves as an anti-oxidant to free radicals.

According to Karen Brown, DVM , PhD and one of the leading authorities on the use of hyaluronic acid, “your feline may have joint problems, but unlike dogs and horses, rarely show signs of complication until their joint issues are quite advanced” Dr. Brown recommends using HyaFlex for cats as a regular joint management program to maintain your feline’s joint health. Dr. Brown cited the following as potential signs of joint complications in your cat:

  • Unwillingness to perform normal activities
  • Joint or joint manipulation that is sensitive
  • Sudden or gradual weight loss
  • A change in your cats willingness to be lifted or handled
  • Poor coat or changes in grooming, dry or matted coat
  • Change in scratching pattern – long, overgrown toenails
  • Unwillingness to go outside, seeking a warm location

HyaFlex for cats is the perfect supplement to help your cat maintain healthy joints. Proper joint function will keep your cat healthier, and happier longer.

Hyalogic, the leaders in hyaluronic acid, offers joint care supplements for humans and animals, as well as a full line of personal care products with premium hyaluronic acid (HA), produced by an advanced biotechnology method. Our personal care and supplement brands include: Synthovial Seven, Myodurance, Connectagen, CardiacPower 4, HylaVision, Episilk, HylaMist, and Hylasoak. Our animal supplement brands are Hyalun, Hyalun Gel, EquiDurance, and EquiLogic for your horse and HyaFlex for your companion animal such as the family dog or cat.

We are a global research-driven company that has over 20 years combined experience in health care products and services. Our headquarters is in Riverside, MO , USA and we have an extensive network of distributors and dealers located throughout the United States and internationally. We partner with several health care professionals across the country to conduct cutting edge research on the uses of hyaluronic acid and its benefits to the human body.

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