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Feeling the Burn – Just Not as Much
June 23rd, 2010 -

These days, everyone (and by that I mean athletes and your every day jogger alike) is looking for something that will give him or her an edge on their performance. This can go from the simple PowerBar to a full blown physical analysis by testing VO2 max and body composition. It can be argued which one of these methods in the supplement hodge-podge actually works, or just gives peace of mind with a hefty price tag.

After some extensive research and a couple clinical studies behind it, myself and a few triathletes are convinced that this is no joke. I am both a runner as well as a novice mountain biker. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to run, but I have got nothing those marathon runners or triathletes; those guys are machines. On the other hand, I fatigue just like them. I am more than willing to use a supplement or ingredient that will help me keep going just a little bit longer and not feeling like I may pass out over the next hill. The ingredient is called beta-alanine.

Beta-alanine is non essential amino acid that is believed to be obtained through ingesting the beta-alanine containing dipeptides: carnosine, anserine and balenine. Common sources of this stuff are chicken, beef, pork, and fish. So in other words, if you are a part-time herbivore, you probably have never heard of this fantastic ingredient; neither has your body.

When we exercise, especially when these workouts are high intensity, our bodies accumulate a large amount of hydrogen ions (H+) causing our muscles’ pH to drop (or become more acidic). This process is occurring whether you feel a burn or not. The break down of ATP also adds to this effect. As the pH levels drop, so does the ability to contract forcibly and maintain high levels of performance. This hindrance seriously hampers the ability for the muscles to overload and force muscle gains.

Ok, so that’s all fine and dandy, but how exactly does beta-alanine help us and our muscles? This is where carnosine comes in. Carnosine helps stabilize muscular pH by soaking up hydrogen ions that are released by lactic acid and ATP consumption. By supplementing the carnosine levels, muscles can help keep pH levels in optimal levels.

So at this point, if you have never heard of beta-alanine, I’m sure you are just shaking your head in disbelief. Thanks to Hyalogic however, you don’t have to start the pity party just quite yet.

At Hyalogic, we have taken beta-alanine and carnosine (one of the dipeptides that makes up beta-alanine) and combined them with our patented hyaluronic acid to form Myodurance. Our innovative sports supplement also uses a new dissolving lozenge with a splash of berry flavor to quickly deliver supplementation to the CD44 receptors in the mouth; allowing the muscles to synthesize the supplement upon demand. This convenient method ensures that the muscles will constantly be supplemented and supported.

Still not sold? Look up Endurance Management Group in our fine hometown of Kansas City –  These triathletes are living breathing examples on how Myodurance can affect your performance and benefits during workouts. Members have said that their training levels have made leaps and bounds with Myodurance this season than last season.

Any questions about Myodurance? Visit us at or give us a call at 866-318-8484.


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