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When we hear the word hydration, most of us think of water consumption. And while quenching our thirst is an... When we think of the best beauty regimens for healthy, younger looking skin, we usually think of facial scrubs, rinses,... Movement is something most of us take for granted. But each time we walk, lift, climb, or reach for something,... When speaking of hydration, we typically think about quenching our thirst. But full-body hydration means so much more—including supporting your... When we think about preserving and increasing the health of our fingernails and toenails, we tend to think about external... With summer just around the corner, the mercury will soon be rising. If you plan to work, exercise, or play... Recently, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has leapt into the national consciousness. Its many applications in the health and beauty industries have... There’s a revolution going on in the cosmetics and beauty industry, and it centers on a very simple concept: hydration.... Each day, our bodies break down the sugars, proteins, and fats we consume and use the raw materials to create... Hydration is essential to the proper and healthy functioning of our bodies. We need water to nourish our cells, flush... There is one essential need common to all of Earth’s living things: water. Plants, animals, and even microbes require water... To thrive and grow, the human body must continually renew itself. Each day our bodies use the raw materials we...

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