Glossary of Ingredients A

Glossary of Ingredients in Hyalogic Hyaluronic Acid Products

acetyl tetrapeptide-5 (Eyeseryl ®)

Has anti-oedema properties and reduces puffy eyebags. It also enhances skin elasticity, skin smoothness and shows a decongesting effect.

achillea milefolium extract

Also called Yarrow Extract, is an extract of the whole plant. It is a clear, brown-green liquid with a faint herbal odor

alchemilla vulgaris extract

Contains a high tannin content, indicating its beneficial firming effect on the elasticity of the skin and its ability to balance moisture.


Stimulates cell regeneration in stressed, affected skin. Improves rough and chapped skin. Has an antiphlogistic effect.


Hydrating; softening; calming; anti-microbial; anti-inflammatory; moisture regulator. Aloe has remarkable healing properties that can draw and hold oxygen to the skin. The plants composition is similar to that of human blood plasma and seawater and, because its pH is the same as the human skin, it is extremely soothing and protective.

apple spice essence

A concentrated, liquid containing aroma compounds from apples.

argania spinos kernel extract (Regu-Seb)

A clear, yellow to orange, slightly viscous solution containing polyphenolrich fractions from the fruits of the North American saw palmetto and South American sesame seeds in a Moroccan argan oil base. Its perfectly balanced polyphenol formula, consisting mostly of lignans and phytosterols, helps to control and reduce sebum production, especially in the T-zone area of the face.


An anti-wrinkle inhibitor that will reduce pre-existing wrinkle depth and relax facial tension. Leuphasil compliments the action of Argireline by modulating muscle contraction, especially beneficial for reducing depth of wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas. These peptides can significantly modulate muscle contraction thereby destabilizing the cell so it cannot release the neurotransmitters that make the muscle contract thus preventing formation of lines and wrinkles.

asian ginseng

Derived from the ginseng plant; invigorating, tones and rejuvenates.

avocado oil

Derived from avocado kernels; nourishes, smoothes, and softens.