HA and The Body

Hyaluronic Acid and the Human Body

supplementsoverview-textYour health and vitality is important and your life is busy. Hyalogic has the all-natural supplements and products that you need for the maintenance of healthy joints, connective tissues and vessels, a healthy heart, muscle energy and many other functions to keep your body strong and healthy. All of them are made with and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. We have chosen to use only premium, high quality ingredients for our products such as, resveratrol, Co-Q10, cranberry seed oil, grape seed extract, bilberry, glutamine, beta-alanine and many other all-natural ingredients. And with a variety of delivery systems, such as our pure liquid HA in Synthovial Seven or a great tasting, fast acting lozenge in CardiacPower 4; we are providing you with choices that fit your active lifestyle.